Where can I find information on shops in England?
Are most stores open on weekends?


Shops and stores in England

Shops and Stores

How much do things cost in England?


Money Games and Activities

Money games and activities

A story: "Monsters shopping"

Monsters shopping

1- Where do you usually shop for food?
2- When?
3- What is your favorite shop? Why?

Let’s play
Guess what!
  1. 1. How much is it? It’s…(euro)
  2. 2. Where does it come from? It comes from…
  3. 3. What town can you buy it? You can buy it in…
  4. 4. Which address? N°……..street……..
  5. 5. What else can you buy in this shop? You can also buy…
  6. 6. Is it a famous shop? Yes, it is/ No, it isn’t
  7. 7. What colour is it? It’s…
  8. 8. What size is it? It’s…
  9. 9. What brand is it? It’s…
  10. 10. How can you use it? You can…

Andrea & Nicola's video on the game


shopping Giulio 5A

Nadia's shopping