Hello everyone!

I am Matilde from 4B.

In these photos I am in Sardegna for my Summer Holiday.

In the first photo I am with my brother Nicola in Alghero, in the second photo in a boat with a dolphin!

Hello everyone!
This is the page for our Summer holidays.
Leave a photo and write where you are.
Hello! I'm in Cracovia in Poland

Hello! I'm in Cracovia in Poland. (May 2013)

Hello my name is Alessandro.

Now I'm in Paris with my family.

I like this city because there are many monuments.

I and my family visit the Tour Eiffel, Versailles and Notre Dame.

external image photo-tour-eiffel-34.jpg
This is the Tour Eiffel (July 2013).

I am very happy because I spent a beautiful summer with my friends.

I had a good time and I also made a lot of beautiful things.

Now begins the school.



Hi to everybody.

Jacopo Conti 5 B Morrelli school


I spent a beautiful summer at the beach in Punta Marina Terme with mom, my brother Marco and

my grandma Lucia.

Often I did gymnastics on the beach

Now the holidays are over and school starts.

Chiara Albicini - 5 B Morelli School.