Hi there!!! Here you can write about our families! Enjoy it!
If you want, you can join us and answer these questions about your family!
1- How many people are there in your family?We are four people. DSCN1067.JPG
2- How many brothers or sisters have you got? I've got a Brother.
3- What's your... (dad's) name? My dad is Andrea (who is now helping me!)
4- How old is your...(brother)? He is five months old.
PS: I also have got a rabbit at home, by name Peter.
Caterina 1B.

Hello, :-) My name's Claudio and I'm 6. My class is 1 B. I'm writing down with my grandma help. I've got a brother, his name's Andrea and he's 3. He's very funny. My parents are Dario and Sara. I've got a pet dog too. His name's Zago.Merry Christmas everyone!


Hello. I'm Alessandro and my class is the I A.
In my family there are 3 people: my father Paolo, my mother Antonella and me.
I don't know English language so my dad is helping me.
Here I am in London in Hamley's store with The Queen (by Lego),


Hello! I'm Giulia (4A) and I've got a big brother called Paolo. He is fourteen!

WIN_20131126_171731 (2).JPGFoto per Andrea 2.jpg


Hello! I'm Andrea (4A) and l've got a brother called Cristian. In the picture is my brother and his wife Terry Gordini vice
world champion women box.

hello! I'm Giulio (4A) and I've got a little brother called Massimo. He is seven.

hello! I am Nicolò (4A) and my family is very large :

Hello! I'm Giacomo B (4A) and I've got a little sister called Margherita. She is five years old!


Hello, my name is Nadia (4A) and I am 10 years old. The members of my

family are my dad, my mum, my brother and me

Hello,my name is Agata(4A), I have a beautiful family my mum,my dad,my cat and me :)

Hello, my name is Giacomo B(4A) and I am 9 years old. My family nice

Hello,my name is Saskia (4B).

I have got a fatstic mum. Her name is Sonia. She has got a blond hair and brown eyes. She's from in Canada. She is 35 years old. She lives in
i've got a fantastic dad. His name is Franco. He's got black hair and brown eyes. He's from Salerno. He is 45 years old. He lives in

Hi, my name is Matteo Gori, my classroom is 4A, I have a sister called Matilde and an old cat Clarky 18 years old. We all live together with my mother Eleonora and my father Massimo. I wish all the best to my Friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
ANT_2620 bis.JPG

Hello my name is GiacomoB.(4A) I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!!!!! I am a fan of JUVENTUS!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my names is Giacomo B. (4A)Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Luca Dall'Aglio.
My Dad's name is Massimo.
My Mum's name is Annalisa.
My sisters' names are Anna and Giulia .
My cat's name is Mirò.
This is my happy FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi my name is Matilde, i love go to school and learn a lot of things. I like Math and Italian language. Ciao.