Please, answer these questions:
1 - what's your dad's/mum's job?
My (dad) is a...(doctor)
2 - what does he/she do?
She/He helps people
3 - what does he/she wear?
He/she wears a white uniform
4 - where does he/she work?
He/she works in a...(hospital)
5 - what time does he/she go to work?
He/she always goes to work at 9
6 - what time does he/she come back home?
He/she comes back home very late in the evening
7 - does he/she like his/her job?
He/she loves his/her job!

My dad wears a blue uniform and my mum wears a white uniform.(Vittoria 5°A)

My dad goes to work at 6 o'clock and comes back home very late in the evening.
My mum doesn't wear a uniform but she dresses in a sporty way.(Michela 5°A)

My dad is a production manager and my mum is a teacher of phiscs.(Caterina 5° A)

My mum is a driving-school teacher and my dad is a mechanic. (Asko 5° A)

My dad is an executive in a big company of Bolonia that produce gearboxes.My dad works with many people to create new software programmes to help people work better.he goes to work with suite and tie.He loves is job because he likes technology very much and traveling to foreign countries.(Eva Andrini 5^A)