We live in Ravenna. Ravenna is a very nice town.
In Ravenna there are many wonderful monuments.
Here you can read about where we live and about our favourite monuments.

ravenna map2.jpg

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Year 5 A & B are working on a project about Ancient Ravenna and its wonderful monuments.
Here you can read about their tours around I live in RavennaI 'm from ItalyMy address is 95, Argirocastro street, RavennaMy favourite place is Teodorico ParkTeodorico Park is near Industrie street and Teodorico's Mausoleo

I'm Laura (4°A) I'm very happy because I LIVE IN RAVENNA!!!!!my favourite place is cinema and Mc Donald

Hello! We are Year 3B, 2014/15

These are our comments:

I'm Sofia (3B) my favourite place is Mc Donald andTeodorico park

l'm Raul III B my favourite place is American Graffiti,dogs park,Mirabilandia,Tenuta Augusta and
the Ghiaine lake.

I'm Lorenzo, 3°B and my favourite place in Ravenna is Teodorico Park because there I can play!!!


Elisa and Nicolò, Year 5A - 2014 (Evernote):Evernote - Elisa & Nicolò
Andrea & Pietro, Year 5A - 2014 (Evernote): Andrea & Pietro

Tommaso & Nadia, Year 5A - 2014 (Evernote):Tommaso & NadiaGiulio, Year 5A - 2014 (Evernote): Giulio
Agata's pictures collage:

Agata, Tommaso, Nadia, Giacomo's pictures about Ravenna: