Let's play "Guess who!"


  • Is it a boy, a girl, a man, a woman?
  • It’s a ………………………………………….
  • What colour is his / her hair?
  • His / her hair is ……………………/ it is……………………………..
  • What colour are his / her eyes?
  • His / her eyes are……………………………./they are…………………………….
  • Is he / she tall,short, (of) medium height?
  • He / she is ( quite, very…)………………………….
  • Is he /she slim, plump, (of) average - medium build?
  • He / she is……………………………………………………….
  • How old is he/she?
  • He / She is …………………………( years old)

He's a man.
He's a football player.
He's got short, straight and brown hair.
His eyes are brown.
He's tall.
He's average build.
He's 28 years old.
He's is a very good football player.

Caramiello Ciro, 01/04/15 18:03


He is a man.
His Hair is Black and curly

HE IS 40

RICCARDO 4°B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paolo (4B) played "Guess who" with his friends. This is his famous singer.

He is slender. He is quite short.
He has got short, curly, black hair and dark eyes.
He has got dark skin.
He is a very good singer and dancer.


She's a girl.
Her hair is black.
Her eyes are light blue
She is a singer

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsnmENAGe6wwQz9te--dGD9S8q-KW_LpJyL6is1XWzB7iJowQY

She is a girl

Her hair is black and wavy

Her eyes are green

She is a singer and an actress

She comes from California - USA

Good bye everybody

Matilde Ravaglia 4°B

Emma Marrone .jpg

She is a girl

Her hair is blond

her eyes are brown. She is a singer from Florence. She is twenty-nine years old

(Aurora 5°a)


He is a man.
His hair is short, curly, black.His eyes are dark.He is tall and stocky.He is called Taio Cruz.He is wearing sunglasses.

He has got black skin.
He is a famous rap singer.
He is from USA.

( Roan 4B)

Arturo-Vidal-FC-Juventus-2013-juventus-34359280-533-800.jpgHe is a man.

His hair is black and his eyes are brown.
He is very tall.
His favorite football-team is Juventus.
He is twenty-six years old.
(Caterina 5^A)

He is a man.
He has got long, curly, black hair.
His eyes are brown.
He has got fair skin.
He is medium height and plump.
He is forty years old.
He is an actor.
He is from Italy.
He lives in Rome.

Dynamo the Magician-1295954.jpeg

He's a man.
He's short, straight black hair.
He also has a beard.
He's a wizard.
He's called Dynamo.
(Paolo & Roan, 4^B).

He's a boy.
He has brown hair and green eyes.
He's quite tall and of medium build.
He's twenty years old.
He usually wears t-shirt and jeans.
His favourite band is "The beatles" and his favourite singer is Elvis Presley.
He joined a band "ONE DIRECTION",composed by Liam Payne, Luis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and him.
He's also good friend whit the English Radio presenter Nick Grimshaw and the singer Ed Sheeran.
He dated the singer Taylor Swith from October 2012 to January 2013.
He's an English singer.
He lives in London.
(Chiara Pagnani 5^B)


This is Fedez
download (2).jpg
This is a girl, her name is Taylor Siwft

She has got long blond hair,blue eyes and she has got red lips.
She is a dancer and a singer
She is very very gorgeous!!!!
(Eleonora Carbone classe 4 )


This is a boy,his name is Emis Killa. He has got brown eyes and has got brown / black hair. He is a very good singer,he is gorgeous!!He is an italian repper. He was born on 14/11/89 in

Vimercate near Milano.


My favourite football player is Francesco Totti, he is an italian footballer, midfielder or striker of rome, of wich he is captain.He is considered one of the greatest football talent italian ninetie's and two thousand.
Also holds the record for winning 11 oscar football.


This is Mattia Destro, he is an Italian football player.
He is a very good football player,
he plays in my favourite football-team, Milan,
he used to play in Roma
He's got brown eyes and curly, brown hair,
He is 1.81 tall and he weighs 73 kg
He was born on 20 / 03 / 1991 in Ascoli Piceno.
(LAURA ANTONUCCI 4°A, time: 15.59)


This is Jeremy Menez, he is a French football player.
He is a very good football player,
he plays in my favorite football-team, Milan,
he used to play in Paris-Saint-Germain.
He's got brown eyes and wavy, brown hair.
His nickname is FenoMenez.
He is 1.82 tall and he weighs 73 kg
He was born on 07 / 05 / 1987 in Longjumeau ( France )
(LAURA ANTONUCCI 4°A, time: 15.09)


She is a girl, her name is Ariana Grande.

She is a singer and an actress (she is CAT at Victorius and Sam& Cat)

She has got long straight and red hair and brown eyes

she is 21 years old

By Viola 4°A

this is Shakira
this is a singer and she is gorgeus
she's got long blond hair and brown eyes
she's very beautiful (Tiare 4a)

This is Manolo Gabbiadini.
He's a man.
He's a football player.
He plays in my favourite football-team, Napoli, but earlier he played in Sampdoria.
He's got curly, short brown hair

Ciro Caramiello 4 A

This is my first hero: Gianluigi Buffon.

Gigi is the juventus goalkeeper.

He won a lots of cup.

He's got long,black,straight hair and brown eyes.

He's 38 years old .

He's tall 1m and 91 cm.

He's weights is 83 kg

He's born in Carrara in 28/1/1978

He's won 5 championship,1 "Tim cup" and 5 "supercoppa Tim"

He played for juventus since 2001.

I like very much Buffon because I leading from his saves.

Antonio Giordano 4 A (an hopeful goalkeeper)

(made at 10:25)

external image Gianluigi+Buffon.jpg

This is my secondth hero:Manuel Neuer

He's the Bayer Munchen goalkeeper.

He's got short,straight,blond hair and blue eyes .

He hasn't got braids and freckles.

Antonio 4 A

(made at 11:00)

This is Francesca Michielin she's got long brown hair and brown eyes
is a singer and is very beautiful
(Tiare 4a)